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Stylish teepee-inspired hanging daybeds designed for your luxurious enjoyment and relaxation indoors and out.

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Quality sustainable materials

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Inspiring relaxation and moments of escapism

Relax and unwind

TiiPii Bed hanging daybeds offer a unique relaxing space, inspiring moments of tranquility, fun and togetherness - indoors and out.

Made with quality materials and a love of design

Indoor and outdoor

Our products are made with quality, sustainable weather-resistant materials thoughtfully designed to deliver beauty, style and long-lasting relaxation.

Packable and transportable

Minimum storage, maximum fun

All our beds, stands and covers pack down into canvas travel bags, allowing you to experience TiiPii adventures on the road or store it away after all the fun.

Anytime, anywhere fun

Portable and versatile

TiiPii Beds are the ultimate hanging daybeds that can be enjoyed just about anywhere. Hang from a branch, safe ceiling structure or from one our beautiful steel tripod stands.