1.0m 'Bambino'

The irresistibly cute Bambino is the perfect play den for your little ones and comes with a beautiful ambient net creating a cosy snug.

The bed features a taught canvas base around five interconnecting circular aluminum sections.  It has a 1 meter diameter and is suspended by ropes from a central hanging loop, allowing it to swing freely from a safe fixing point.

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A Perfect addition for any playroom...

It provides children with their own little snug to play, read and gently swing, all while floating just above the ground.  

Set it up in the playroom year round, but also due to its lightweight and transportable nature, you can easily bring it out into the garden to enjoy in good weather.

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...or set it up anywhere

The white steel stand elegantly compliments the TiiPii Bed enabling the kids to enjoy the bed wherever you like, without the need to find a suitable hanging point.

Constructed from powder coated steel that is strong, and durable, it stands 2m tall and requires a floor space of just 1.25m x 1.25m. 

It is easily assembled in 5-10 minutes and packs down into a small carry bag for transport or storage when not in use.


Turn it into a Wigwam

Easily attached to the outside of the TiiPii stand, this accessory turns the floating bed into a Wigwam style play den for kids to enjoy.

Perfect for the playroom, it creates a cosy floating teepee tent, to be enjoyed anytime. 

Make your TiiPii extra cosy by accessorising with a selection of cushions and throws for the perfect finishing touch.


Assembled easily in under 10 mins by 1-2 people

Lightweight and transportable, in a carry bag weighing only 4 kgs

Weather, water mould and UV resistant

Durable, super strong and machine washable

...or transform it into an enclosed snug

The poncho easily attaches to the top of the ropes to turn it into a floating teepee tent for the kids to play or camp in.

It also provides  shade from the sun in warm weather and is waterproof to protect the bed and accessories if you decide to leave it set up outside.


Lightweight and transportable

At only 4 kgs the Bambino provides the great option of packing up into a 50 cm bag so it can be easily stored away or transported wherever you choose.  

Purchase the full set: Bed, Stand & wigwam cover

The simple and convenient way to purchase a Bambino bed & stand bundle. Or, complete the set by including the wigwam cover to surround the outside of the stand and turn the it into the perfect play den.


...or the full set with the poncho cover

The poncho cover surrounds the ropes to protect the bed and accessories from any weather when set up outdoors.



Weighs only 4kgs

Holds up to 50 kgs

Looks great inside and out

Attachable ambient net included

Can be used with stand (sold separately)

Or free hung from an alternatively safe structure e.g. ceiling, branch or beam

Free shipping to most EU countries

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